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Librarian Hazon Dak'ir Hell Warden

Hazon Dak'ir held the rank of Veteran Sergeant in the Third Company of the Salamanders Chapter. Unlike other Salamanders he came from Ignea instead of one of the seven Sanctuary Cities. Although constantly the target of Tsu'Gan's loathing, Dak'ir never rose to his fellow Veteran Sergeant's baiting. Instead, he always chose to avoid confrontation with the headstrong Sergeant. He was later removed from his position for showing unusually late psychic activity, thus leaving command of his squad (in complete confidence) to his closest friend Ba'ken. It was also revealed to Chapter Master Tu'Shan that Dak'ir was mentioned in an ancient prophecy that could either be the doom or salvation of the Chapter. For this, Dak'ir would undergo trials to be trained by Librarian Pyriel.

Salamander's don't have a particular name for their librarians like some other legions do. So I though Hell Warden would be a good name since they are all about the flame.

Keith wilson hazon dakir hell warden
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